My Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Toolbox.

When it comes to the stresses of our lives, maybe Lennon & McCartney had the answer right from the start. We need to just “Let it be.” It’s likely, however, that even those famous lyrics were inspired by wisdom passed down by the sages and mentors who guided Liverpool’s famous composing duo. Reading and listeningContinue reading “My Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Toolbox.”

It’s as if God said, “NOW let’s see you get to Kona, tough guy!”

“But Dadda…why do you have to do your Ironman races?” This was asked of me by my youngest son, Jeffrey (5 at the time), just 3 days prior to my first ever triathlon. I found myself in the uncommon position of not having words to explain why I “had to” do this race. After a moment’sContinue reading “It’s as if God said, “NOW let’s see you get to Kona, tough guy!””