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Harvesting insight is designed not only with each of us in mind, but with all of us in mind. In addition to a number of upcoming additions to the site, you’ll find two different blogs intended (sometimes) for two different audiences.

The Harvesting Insights Blog: This is a slightly more adult oriented blog, with content, concepts, and terms that would likely be lost on a younger audience.

The #itsdad Blog: Although this blog was intended for a slightly younger audience, it’s often shared and discussed by more adults than youth, and occasionally more than the Harvesting Insights blog.

This project has evolved over time with the underlying mission being to learn, to grow from what we learn, then to share it. Share it with whom? With whomever is as passionate about learning and growing as we are.

We continue to watch, to listen, to read, and to learn. Then we do our best to harvest the ideas, lessons, and perspectives that have been passed down through various cultures and various faiths, and over the millennia. We practice these lessons. We live these lessons, and in turn, we grow. Then, with writing as a constant means of distilling our thoughts, we share our experiences in a way that we hope to more practical, more accessible, and maybe more enjoyable to a twenty-first-century audience.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

We’re grateful to be a part of your growth.

We hope that you’ll learn and grow…and then share with others, whatever found its way into your heart .

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Hi, I’m Andy, a dad of two, who’s passionate about learning, growing, and sharing. I’m a teacher, writer, speaker, and an animal right and environmental advocate. Read more

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