Making Room for Interdependence

Although this is a topic that I’m often reminded of as it relates to America’s 4th of July celebrations, it’s quickly becoming a much bigger part of my life. Here is an uncomfortable, but hopefully eye opening look at the celebrations of our independence, as a nation…and as individuals. As I grow, my thoughts andContinue reading “Making Room for Interdependence”

#itsdad – The Unseen Battles of Others

“Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Although often misattributed to Plato, this one originated from Scottish writer and theologian Ian Maclaren. On the surface, this post might appear to be just another cliched effort to sprinkle a bit of sunshine on your day; but it truly isn’t. It’s here asContinue reading “#itsdad – The Unseen Battles of Others”

All Hail the Profit!

Money is not very smart. But it’s the boss. We can be sure of that. That’s a bit of a no-brainer! Of course it’s not very smart. Neither is a box of nails. Money is an inanimate object, at best. But the way I see money, it’s a bit like a shepherd with a reallyContinue reading “All Hail the Profit!”

The Importance of Asking Why

As a teacher for the last 15 years, and with corporate training systems in my background as well, I’ve had countless opportunities to “break the ice” with students and colleagues. That said, even typing the term “Ice Breaker” makes me cringe. But yes, I have started every convention, every meeting, and ever semester with theContinue reading “The Importance of Asking Why”

My Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Toolbox.

When it comes to the stresses of our lives, maybe Lennon & McCartney had the answer right from the start. We need to just “Let it be.” It’s likely, however, that even those famous lyrics were inspired by wisdom passed down by the sages and mentors who guided Liverpool’s famous composing duo. Reading and listeningContinue reading “My Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Toolbox.”

It’s as if God said, “NOW let’s see you get to Kona, tough guy!”

“But Dadda…why do you have to do your Ironman races?” This was asked of me by my youngest son, Jeffrey (5 at the time), just 3 days prior to my first ever triathlon. I found myself in the uncommon position of not having words to explain why I “had to” do this race. After a moment’sContinue reading “It’s as if God said, “NOW let’s see you get to Kona, tough guy!””

Is It 2020 or Will It Be 20/20?

It’s really up to us! So how ya doin’? Really. How are you when you put down the phone or turn off the TV? How are you when just allow yourself to be and to feel and to stay in the moment that we’re experiencing right now, together…apart? That’s what I thought. Me too. ThisContinue reading “Is It 2020 or Will It Be 20/20?”

An Uncommon Antidote to a Common Disease.

“Disease” is an interesting term. Broken down, the word is really dis-ease; or going against – ease. It doesn’t mean “sick.” It can simply mean that you’re not feeling peaceful or at ease. Amidst a global pandemic, a civil rights revolution, and our sorry presidential election process, many of us are carrying around a feelingContinue reading “An Uncommon Antidote to a Common Disease.”

Reach Out Eagerly, and Find the Crescendo of Your Life!

Each time mustered the nerve to write this post, I couldn’t seem to connect the dots, or at least dot the I’s and lower case J’s. I tried time and time again, sitting in a sea of emotions, only to completely lose focus. Within a week of the first time that I’d sat down toContinue reading “Reach Out Eagerly, and Find the Crescendo of Your Life!”

I Just Need To Get Away From It All

Why do we spend so much time on money on leaving the lives that we’ve worked our whole lives to create? Have you ever worked on a maze? You know, the little puzzles where you have to navigate from the start to the end through a series of “forks in the road.” On occasion, I’veContinue reading “I Just Need To Get Away From It All”