When Did We Lose Our Way?

And is it too late to turn back? The precise moment we become lost is always prior to the moment when we realize that we’re actually lost. That’s the way it works. We think we know where we’re going, then, over time, we finally accept that we’re lost.  It’s the same with regard to beingContinue reading “When Did We Lose Our Way?”

The Pause That Prevents Sorrow

Creating Space Between Stimulus and Response. Being isolated right now is weighing on us all. Our routines are out the window. Our anxieties are through the roof. Tempers are frayed. Our futures unknown. It’s just not an easy time for any of us. Pausing to remember that, for others as much as for ourselves, isContinue reading “The Pause That Prevents Sorrow”

The Despair and Disparity of The Golden Rule

On the surface, the title of this post clearly contradict itself. How could our good friend, The Golden Rule, possibly be tied to anything but kindness and compassion? Isn’t it the proverbial definition of kindness? Nope! It’s not. It’s just plain selfish. You may be thinking, “Wait! What? Isn’t this taken directly from the Bible?”Continue reading “The Despair and Disparity of The Golden Rule”

The Path to Equality Must First Pass Through Equity

Many people don’t truly understand the subtle yet substantial differences between equity and equality. These two terms are not just overused and underappreciated, but they’re often thrown around as if they share the same meaning. However, unless or until we recognize that we can’t have one without the other, our road to true social equalityContinue reading “The Path to Equality Must First Pass Through Equity”

Is Tolerance the Wrong Goal?

Perhaps the term “Tolerance” itself holds a different meaning depending on culture and context. But, where I was raised, the term “Tolerant” carried with it a sense of “dealing with” something or “enduring” something or someone that was unpleasant. “Will you PLEASE be quiet? I just can’t tolerate all the noise anymore!” or “Kaily isContinue reading “Is Tolerance the Wrong Goal?”