It’s as if God said, “NOW let’s see you get to Kona, tough guy!”

“But Dadda…why do you have to do your Ironman races?” This was asked of me by my youngest son, Jeffrey (5 at the time), just 3 days prior to my first ever triathlon. I found myself in the uncommon position of not having words to explain why I “had to” do this race. After a moment’sContinue reading “It’s as if God said, “NOW let’s see you get to Kona, tough guy!””

#itsdad ~ Learning to Let Go

Hey guys! It’s Dad. Today, although our home was empty, my head sure wasn’t. I was cleaning up the house after an often frantic weekday morning when I realized that I couldn’t seem to find peace in my head. I couldn’t seem to stop the constant thinking. I wanted to be “Present,” in the moment,Continue reading “#itsdad ~ Learning to Let Go”

#itsdad ~ How to be an Excellent Friend

Hey Guys! It’s Dad. This morning I remembered (OK I didn’t remember, my phone reminded me) that it was one of my friend’s birthdays. We’re pretty close friends, so I called him up to say hello and wish him well. Funny though, as I was reading over the post on his Facebook page, I sawContinue reading “#itsdad ~ How to be an Excellent Friend”

#itsdad ~ Crave Uncertainty. Rest in Certainty.

Hey guys! It’s Dad, ​You know that I want nothing more for each of you than to see you living a joy filled life. What’s kind of crazy though is that most people don’t learn how to create joy in their lives until they’re much older. I’m hoping that, with a little deeper understanding ofContinue reading “#itsdad ~ Crave Uncertainty. Rest in Certainty.”

#itsdad ~ These Are the Golden Years

Hey Guys! It’s Dad. It’s funny when, where, and how we learn our life lessons. If we’re plugged in, they seem to be around every corner. This one was no exception. Last night I had a really peaceful dream; a dream that taught me something and it made me smile. In my dream, a fatherContinue reading “#itsdad ~ These Are the Golden Years”

#itsdad ~ What’s on the Other Side of Chance?

Hey guys. It’s Dad. I wanted to share a quote that I absolutely love and live by. It makes me think of you guys and your futures. “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” I want to encourage you, and model for you, and nurture in you, a willingness to takeContinue reading “#itsdad ~ What’s on the Other Side of Chance?”

Is It 2020 or Will It Be 20/20?

It’s really up to us! So how ya doin’? Really. How are you when you put down the phone or turn off the TV? How are you when just allow yourself to be and to feel and to stay in the moment that we’re experiencing right now, together…apart? That’s what I thought. Me too. ThisContinue reading “Is It 2020 or Will It Be 20/20?”

An Uncommon Antidote to a Common Disease.

“Disease” is an interesting term. Broken down, the word is really dis-ease; or going against – ease. It doesn’t mean “sick.” It can simply mean that you’re not feeling peaceful or at ease. Amidst a global pandemic, a civil rights revolution, and our sorry presidential election process, many of us are carrying around a feelingContinue reading “An Uncommon Antidote to a Common Disease.”

Reach Out Eagerly, and Find the Crescendo of Your Life!

Each time mustered the nerve to write this post, I couldn’t seem to connect the dots, or at least dot the I’s and lower case J’s. I tried time and time again, sitting in a sea of emotions, only to completely lose focus. Within a week of the first time that I’d sat down toContinue reading “Reach Out Eagerly, and Find the Crescendo of Your Life!”

I Just Need To Get Away From It All

Why do we spend so much time on money on leaving the lives that we’ve worked our whole lives to create? Have you ever worked on a maze? You know, the little puzzles where you have to navigate from the start to the end through a series of “forks in the road.” On occasion, I’veContinue reading “I Just Need To Get Away From It All”