#Itsdad ~ Take Your Humility With a Grain of Salt

“Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.” ~ Saint Augustine

Hey guys! It’s Dad

This is a quick one, but boy has it stuck with me! It’s about humility (being humble), and a simple strategy or point of view that will help keep us humble all the time.

Like everything else he’s done, I’ve really enjoying the book, Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty. The author wrote hundreds of pages, but a few things really stuck out to me. This is just one of them.

First of all, why is humility such an admirable character trait? In short, people aren’t drawn to or attracted to vanity, pride, arrogance, or conceit. We love a humble champion. The basketball player who thanks her mom, her coaches, and her teammates for her success. “I’m so happy! So grateful! I couldn’t have ever made it here without the support of the rest of the amazing ladies on my our team.” Or the actors who wins an Academy Aware and thanks the screenwriters for such an inspiring script.

There’s something beautiful about sharing the spotlight…or even stepping out of the spotlight smiling while the others bask in the glory of their success. There’s a real richness to that type of joy. That kind of joy…those types of memories last forever.

But when we win, when we thrive, don’t we want to get excited and celebrate? You bet! Absolutely!!! But your humility will make those celebrations (and those around you) really sink deeply into your hearts.

Jay Shetty, taught by a monk, wrote, “Be like salt.” When we think of salt, we typically think of it in terms of our food. If our food is too salty or if it’s not salty enough…we notice. We think about it. We even complain about it. But if the salt level is absolutely perfect, if the chef nailed it…we don’t even notice. When the salt level is right we say that the food was good. Not the salt. The food. The meal was delicious. Even, “Wow! The seasoning is absolutely prefect.

Salt will never be in the spotlight. The salt makes everything it touches…better.

Be like salt, guys. Shine the light on others, then feel the energy of their joy flowing right into your hearts.

I love you guys!



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California native, single dad of the two kindest souls on earth, teacher, speaker, author, vegan athlete, musician, rebel.

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