#itsdad ~ Seriously! SHUT UP!

Hey guys! It’s Dad. Ok. For real. Just writing that title made me feel pretty uncomfortable. I’m grateful that it’s not often that I hear raised-voices in our home. However, it’s unlikely that we’ll always find ourselves in such a peaceful and respectful environment. We can’t isolate ourselves from the outside world and all ofContinue reading “#itsdad ~ Seriously! SHUT UP!”

#itsdad ~ Be the Bee…Not the Fly.

Hey guys! It’s Dad. We’ve just started a brand new school year with countless opportunities ahead of each of us. I thought that this would be a perfect time to share a bit of insight that will help keep your academic and social journeys full of smiles. I heard this idea on a podcast theContinue reading “#itsdad ~ Be the Bee…Not the Fly.”

#itsdad ~ Learning to Let Go

Hey guys! It’s Dad. Today, although our home was empty, my head sure wasn’t. I was cleaning up the house after an often frantic weekday morning when I realized that I couldn’t seem to find peace in my head. I couldn’t seem to stop the constant thinking. I wanted to be “Present,” in the moment,Continue reading “#itsdad ~ Learning to Let Go”

Is It 2020 or Will It Be 20/20?

It’s really up to us! So how ya doin’? Really. How are you when you put down the phone or turn off the TV? How are you when just allow yourself to be and to feel and to stay in the moment that we’re experiencing right now, together…apart? That’s what I thought. Me too. ThisContinue reading “Is It 2020 or Will It Be 20/20?”

The Pause That Prevents Sorrow

Creating Space Between Stimulus and Response. Being isolated right now is weighing on us all. Our routines are out the window. Our anxieties are through the roof. Tempers are frayed. Our futures unknown. It’s just not an easy time for any of us. Pausing to remember that, for others as much as for ourselves, isContinue reading “The Pause That Prevents Sorrow”